Idea netsetter Huawei E1550

Now use with any SIM that you want

1.)Go to

And Download Both files 

2.)Now Open Universal Master Code.exe

Type IMEI of your netsetter Which you can find behind your netsetter..

Click on Calculate..

And you will get an unlock code and a flash code..Write on a paper we will use it later..

3.)Now open E1550Updater.exe

Click on Next..

If you found an error like this..

Check Idea Netsetter() is closed..

or Run E1550Updater.exe as administrator..and try again.

If you not found any Error..

Click on Next..

Click on Start..

If Updater ask you for Code..

Type Flash Code Which we Get in 2nd step..and click on next..

5.)Now Disconnect Netsetter..and also Uninstall your old Idea Netsetter

After that Connect your netsetter with different SIM...Install Idea net setter..Open Netsetter..

When You asked for Unlock-code type the unlock code found in step 2.

Now thats all your netsetter is free from Idea..

You can now use any SIM card With it..!!

If any problem during this process call me at 9974170726 or mail me at or

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